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The 35 year old ended up in the hospital moncler outlet sale where medics scanned her spine and, to their surprise, they found tapeworm larvae wriggling around the patient vertebrae.The French woman, who is not named, arrived at the moncler Moncler Outlet outlet uk hospital complaining of suffering what felt like moncler factory outlet shocks running down her legs.She felt weak and had experienced a number of falls.Doctors at the hospital moncler sale outlet in Dijon noted she hadn travelled out of France but did own a cat and came into contact with cows.They wrote in a case report, published in the New England Journal of moncler outlet online Medicine: examination revealed impaired sensation in both legs and weak foot flexion.The results showed the woman had a raised white blood cell count.But it was an MRI scan that revealed the true cause of the woman pain.The scan showed a lesion at her ninth vertebra in the middle of her spine.Surgeons investigated and found the lesion was, in fact, tapeworm larvae, caused by an infection of Echinococcus granulosus a small tapeworm found in dogs and some farm animals.The tapeworm can cause a disease called echinococcosis, which can cause dangerous cysts to grow in the lungs, liver and other organs.The doctors report added: can cause cystic lesions in the liver and lungs and also in the central nervous system and bones. Can go unnoticed and untreated for years before a person realises they are infected.The danger comes when cysts rupture, which can end up proving deadly, triggering mild to severe anaphylactic shock.As well as surgery, doctors put the woman on anti parasitic medication.After nine months she was clear of her infection and had no symptoms of any recurrence.This article originally appeared on The Sun and is reproduced with permission.Balls Deep Podcast: Men answer all the questions women get askedBen Fordham’s ‘hope’ of adoptingBEN FORDHAM famously quit a high profile job to prepare moncler outlet for fatherhood. But he doesn’t think he’s cut out for the role full time as he wants to adopt with wife Jodie Speers..

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