This “vinegar” is actually the liquid left over from pickling

‘Dead gran’s face’ in baby scan shocks mum to beThe 32 year old had been ‘praying’ to her gran for a baby10:38, 27 APR 2018Updated10:50, 27 APR 2018Stephanie Jackson with her partner, Michael Davies, and, inset, her late gran, Mary Jackson Stephanie Jackson could hardly believe what she was seeing when her mum pointed out something hidden in the image just hovering above the baby’s head, the Echo reports.The 32 year old student was delighted to be told her baby boy was healthy but was stunned to see the face of her gran, Mary Jackson, who died 14 years ago.Steph, of Knowsley Village, Merseyside, said she had been “praying” to her gran for a baby because she wasn’t sure she and her partner would be able to have children.Steph’s partner, Michael Davies, who works for Knowsley Council, had a vasectomy before the pair met leaving them unsure they would ever be able to conceive.Stephanie Jackson’s 18 week scan has a mysterious image in itHowever, since Michael had the procedure reversed last year, the expectant mum has been praying to her grandmother to give the couple a baby.Steph, a student at Knowsley College, said: “I only got [the scan] done yesterday and didn’t even see it. It was my mum who pointed it out to me. When I saw it I was like ‘oh my God!'”She said ‘there’s your nan’ and I was replica bags so happy.

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