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Canada Goose Outlet We would like to congratulate Giavarini A et al on this comprehensive, educational article on intracoronary imaging. [1] Various modalities can be used to understand the mechanism of stent failure, and there is an ongoing debate on detection of stent mal apposition, and whether this has any clinical impact. Acute stent mal apposition on its own is not associated with adverse clinical events unless associated with under expansion or buy canada goose jacket having inflow outflow buy canada goose jacket cheap issues. Acute mal apposition and its associated clinical events are possibly reduced due to negative remodelling.[2] The clinically events are non significant may be due to the fact that newer generation of stents and stronger antiplatelets are performing very well. There is limited literature evidence to support that acute mal apposition is associated with stent thrombosis. [3] Late acquired malaposition in combination with other contributing factors can be associated with stent failure Canada Goose Outlet.