Since cannabis is much safer to consume than alcohol (one

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Canada Goose sale Jennifer DeFalco responded: “I do not think that Colorado’s cannabis legalization will lead to more deaths or DUI’s in CO. Since cannabis is much safer to consume than alcohol (one cannot overdose and die from marijuana), I would argue that if cannabis consumption replaces alcohol consumption, you will see a decline in fatalities including those related to traffic. A recent study reported by PBS even cites that the rate of traffic related deaths drops by about 9% in states after they legalize canada goose outlet real (medical) marijuana.”. Canada Goose sale

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buy canada goose jacket More humane drug laws are only one part of DPA’s mission. The group has also pushed statewide efforts to reform controversial drug enforcement tactics that allow police to seize cash and property from people suspected of drug crimes, often without evidence. In California, DPA campaigned for legislation that reduced some low level nonviolent felonies, including drug canada goose outlet vancouver possession, canada goose outlet locations in toronto to misdemeanors. buy canada goose jacket

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