Most people in this economy are sitting home wondering what

Today, the right app can help you sleep better, train harder, eat cleaner, and according to new research from Northwestern Medicine and funded by the National Institutes of Health some apps can even reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.In the study, 96 people using a suite of 13 apps called IntelliCare (created by Northwestern doctors and researchers for the study) four times a day for eight weeks saw a 50 percent drop in the severity of their depression and anxiety symptoms. And someoffera lot of different features, making them tricky to use (wasn’t this supposed to calm me down?).IntelliCare is different: “Instead of building one app with a lot of features, we built 13 that focus on different aspects of depression and anxiety,” Schueller says. There are apps that target night anxiety, social anxiety, lack of activity, and obsessive thinking all common causes of general depression and anxiety and each is designed by Northwestern clinicians and based on validated techniques used by therapists.

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