Livestock’s Long Shadow, a report from the United Nations Food

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canada goose outlet canada One is that a continuation of present trends against consuming meat will canada goose outlet london uk make it socially unacceptable for a large segment of society, as tobacco is today. The other is canada goose stockists uk that a technological revolution will make producers of live cattle, pigs and chickens as irrelevant as Kodak became when the once dominant camera canada goose outlet store uk and film manufacturer failed to embrace the digital revolution.Meat or at least meat as we have known it may be cooked.If large scale, canada goose jacket outlet commercial raising of animals for food is on the way out, that will be a very good thing for our climate and for our environment more generally. Livestock’s Long Shadow, a report from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, found that livestock are responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than canada goose vest outlet the entire transport sector all the cars, trucks, planes and ships put together and second only to the burning of fossil canada goose outlet near me fuels to produce electricity.Modern meat production typically involves growing grains or soybeans crops canada goose outlet website legit that we could eat directly and feeding them to animals. canada goose outlet canada

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