Whatever next? Kissing prohibited on Paris streets? That would

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canada goose uk black friday Oooh la canada goose outlet toronto factory la! The French, of all people, slap a ban on nudity and impose fines on exposed breasts or buttocks! It’s a definitive stroke of municipal modesty in a society canada goose outlet uk renowned for its laissez faire attitude to sexual mores. Whatever next? Kissing prohibited on Paris streets? That would fly in the canada goose outlet black friday face of one iconic Gallic image, Robert Doisneau’s canada goose jacket outlet famous photograph The Kiss on the Sidewalk. canada goose uk black friday

uk canada goose outlet The Paris ban on nudity and wearing G canada goose outlet in usa strings applies to beaches created each summer along sections of the Seine, canada goose outlet uk sale the river that runs through the heart of the French capital. The sand in the city initiative, begun five years ago, is immensely popular and these beaches attracted 3.8 million sunbathers last year. canada goose outlet parka Trust canada goose outlet jackets an Australian gal to be among the first sun worshippers this summer! uk canada goose outlet

canadian goose jacket I’m no puritan, yet I happen to think that Sydney, maybe Melbourne too, could take a cue from the Paris action canada goose outlet online uk and also impose some standards of dress decorum. Not along our beaches where half naked is quite canada goose factory outlet acceptable, but on public transport and within the CBD. canadian goose jacket

canada goose black friday sale I see many examples of inapproriate attire on my travels. Some of the worst excesses are by males, right here at home, particularly in summer. I mean those plebs who roam the CBD stripped bare to the waist, often barefoot and with their arses hanging half out of their pants. This unkempt, ugly behaviour is also paraded on buses and trains with belligerence. Does this bother you at all? If not, then where do you draw the line at shameful? A few spot fines might make travel more pleasant for everyone canada goose outlet canada else. canada goose black friday sale

The code of conduct governing school kid behaviour on buses covers “offensive or racist language, fighting, spitting, placing feet on seats, throwing things in or from the bus, eating or drinking”. There’s no mention of dress code. And while there appears to be no code of conduct at all for non students there is provision for a maximum $100 fine if you do something as innocuous as sip your coffee while on the bus to work.

Drivers have the canada goose outlet store discretion to either allow or refuse pets, surfboards or bikes on board. But a search of the public transport website for “dress code” produces nothing. It’s obviously a case of come as you are.

Friday, July 28, canada goose outlet new york city 2006

canada goose uk outlet No armchair travel for these guys. canada goose uk outlet

Whenever I go anywhere I have it real easy. And so do most of us. We tend to take travel for granted. If going overseas we simply pick up our passport and head for the airport. But travel’s not so simple for everyone. Wherever I may end up I canada goose outlet sale am constantly amazed to see fellow travellers who’ve overcome incredible odds to canada goose outlet reviews get there. So official canada goose outlet I take this opportunity to salute all travellers with disabilities, all those determined stalwarts who effectively rewrite the goose outlet canada old gunslinger motto “have gun, will travel” to read “have wheels, will go.”

Canada Goose online For inspirational stories that unquestionably prove “disability doesn’t mean inability” you need go no further than here, where you’ll find a collection of remarkable first hand tales of wheelchair travel in Australia and around the world. Canada Goose online

It appears there’s absolutely no limit to destinations. Read about the quintet with disabilities, three of them in wheelchairs, who made it to the Mt Everest Base Camp. Or the spectacular achievements of Michael McGrath, first person in the world with a disability to conquer both North and South Poles.

canada goose Bruce Mumford, who has multiple sclerosis, has penned two terrific articles filled with sage advice and lots of extremely useful travel tips for disabled wanderers. One covers his extensive travels in Europe a couple of years ago, while the other deals with his http://www.canadagoosesalesus.com more recent journey to New Zealand. Both accounts are laced with a ready and infectious sense of humour surely a prerequisite for coping with the world from a sitting canada goose outlet store uk position. A couple of examples: canada goose

Canada Goose Online “Taxis were cheaper than we expected and generally worked well; one notable exception being the black cab I had to get the wheelchair canada goose outlet into myself, because the driver ‘had a bad back’ “. Canada Goose Online

“Pedestrians were usually very helpful in getting me over gutters even in London where they first had to surgically remove their mobile phones from the sides of their heads.”

Memo to canada goose outlet shop myself: Seek similar reserves of humour when things go a bit awry on my travels! And I love to hear from anyone with similarly amusing anecdotes.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale The Web being a tremendous source of information about travelling with a disability, here are just a few useful links I’ve found: Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Canada Goose Parka List of travel and recreation resources, both local and global Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Outlet The books Easy Access Australia by Bruce M Cameron, the Wheelies Handbook of Australia by Colin James (soon to be available on CD ROM) and Access Sydney, published by Spinal Chord Injuries Australia (SCIA). Canada Goose Outlet

A guide to access and facilities in the Queensland capital, Access Brisbane

For renting wheelchair accessible vans, motorhomes, caravans Australia wide visit Wheelabout, established by Mark Harford, himself a C4 quadriplegic.

cheap Canada Goose Links to canada goose outlet nyc various Australia specific travel guides cheap Canada Goose

buy canada goose jacket cheap More travel tips, this time from a US perspective. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Thursday, July 27, 2006

A burning issue in your lap

Canada Goose sale I don’t mean to be an canada goose outlet online alarmist. but are you aware of a potential danger lurking on practically every canada goose outlet flight you take? It’s usually quite small and often black. And I certainly don’t mean the rather silly, slithery threat that’s the plot of this blockbuster movie, due for “release” this month. Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance Forget venomous reptiles. I’m talking about laptop batteries, the lithium ion ones to be exact. It seems they may be behind a series of mysterious fires on board aircraft. It appears that the average laptop’s lithium ion power supply has the potential to spontaneously short circuit and combust at high altitudes canada goose clearance.