While some progress was made overnight on containing portions

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canada goose clearance Growing fire already had forced Cal Fire canada goose factory outlet toronto location to issue new mandatory evacuation orders for residents living along the western shore of Clear Lake.The new orders expand the area under mandatory evacuation to canada goose discount uk west of Lucerne at Bartlett Springs Road and Highway CA 20, south of the fire, east of the fire, north of Clear Lake including the communities of Blue Lakes, Upper Lake, Nice, Lakeport, WitterSprings, Bachelor Valley, Scotts Valley, Saratoga Springs.While some progress was made overnight on containing portions of the massive Mendocino Complex fire, the blaze northward advance into the Mendocino National Forest was almost unabated.Firefighters conduct a controlled burn to defend houses against flames from the Ranch fire, as it continues to spreads towards the town of Upper Lake, California on August 2, 2018. (Photo by Mark RALSTON / AFP)The Mendocino Complex Fire consists of two blazes the River and canada goose outlet legit Ranch fires. The Ranch Fire the larger of the two is 15 percent contained while the Ranch Fire is 50 percent.Firefighters conduct a controlled canada goose womens outlet burn to defend houses against flames from the Ranch fire, as it continues to spreads towards the town of Upper Lake, California on August 2, 2018. canada goose clearance

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