(I would go with the latter)This seems like a question it

My familiarity is more with the press template, which essentially switches out the bench press volume for pressing, and pressing variations (there still one dedicated bench day)In order to cut it to an hour (tough), you probably have to push the secondary compound lift to day 6, since the third lift is more of an accessory (generally, sets of 10).Which means day 6 would end up being four compound lifts instead of the usual three and based off the press template, it would be OHP Bench Press Pin Press PressOf course you could switch it up at your discretion, but the second compound lift is always going to be less taxing than the primary.Long story short, your options are to just have a really draining day 6 with the adjustments, or alternatively you could just email them to see if they could customize a template based closer to your specific needs. (I would go with the latter)This seems like a question it would be better to ask them on the forums. They usually respond within 24 hours.

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