Stormy’s daughter remains her number one priority

Bundling up to stay warm doesn mean giving up on style.The cold weather isn for covering up what you got on, instead it an opportunity to extend personal fashion and yes, it OK to ditch that boring black coat.totally agree that a classic black coat is important, but once you marked that off your list, it time to have fun with it! says Erica Wark, a fashion expert who teaming up with Reitmans this season to share style tips.for a colour like army green or red are great options because they neutral colours when it comes to coats that go with just about everything and will withstand the test of time in your closet. Parka is another staple in any Canadian woman wardrobe the need to stay warm shouldn trump fun, Wark, you want to find (a parka) that has personality, she says.there, you can really make it your own with luxe accessories like faux fur snoods or scarves with gold threading through it. Adding a fun, slouchy hat and leather gloves can also dress this beauty up.

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