Making a schedule is fairly pointless

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2 points submitted 11 months agoAlso. this is our third year building the pyramid. slightly more expensive but much easier to store and reduced our tower build time from 3 days (2016) to under 2 canada goose outlet hours. canada goose black friday sale Everything else was the same as previous years so we now pretty good at it.The first time we built it was a bit of a gamble that it would all work as we had never fully test built it before but I had 3D modelled it cheap Canada Goose extensively so everything was fine.Easiest build, best camp mates, best placement, best neighbours, ticked Canada Goose Parka off a number of things that hadn managed to ever to around to in the previous 5 years, ate well, didn run out of beer, no major wind/dust storms and the night time temperatures were lovely.Yeah the heat made the afternoons a little slow but we were Canada Goose Jackets well prepared with tons of misting water and swamp coolers, great shade and far enough ahead of schedule that we could take a canada goose nice siesta every uk canada goose afternoon and work through the very pleasant evenings. 4 points submitted 1 year agoWe have a 30 high pyramid full of misting fans with a bar canada goose coats on sale and decent sound system and some awesome DJs.Day parties most afternoons but a big masquerade party Tuesday afternoon (free masks!), animal party friday, space party saturday and our huge final retro farewell party after the temple burns.This year we also taking over DISTRIKT Canada Goose Online from 5pm on Tuesday.We worked with Duckpond and Bang Bang to link sound systems across the 9:00 I intersection canada goose factory sale to create huge mega block parties throughout the week, complete with parking for about 6 8 art cars (which can also be sound linked) 1 point submitted 1 year agoWe didn really try that hard but anything that would work would probably severely interfere with it operation.The SR just isn built for those sorts of conditions. I get the feeling it more aimed at hobby/bedroom DJs so doesn have the same build quality as say the CDJ 2000 (as was evidenced when we opened it up and had to replace and solder in new cue/play buttons afterwards.We used both Pioneer DDJ (the SR model) and Traktor Kontrol units out there for the last 4 years and the DDJ died before the end of canada goose clearance sale it first week (cue/play buttons and one fader went dodgy). the Traktor Kontrol S4 is still going strong 4 years on with no issues.Nobody actually play CD on CDJs Canada Goose online out there. usually the CD slots are gaffered closed. Bring a canada goose clearance pair of USBs (many aren Nexus units) if you expect to be playing somewhere else.As a theme camp with a decent sound system (although we not really a sound camp as such) we receive hundreds canada goose store of random people contacting us every year wanting DJ slots. If you fishing canadian goose jacket for DJ slots you probably left it far too late this year as most people will have lineups confirmed in advance of the Rockstar Librarian deadline on the 11th.If you need any extra DJs for your art car let me know.madsci 21 points submitted 1 year agoOne of my favorite playa gifts ever is a thick (plasma cut?) metal pendant. Though to be fair, I also received at least a dozen others that just canada goose uk black friday sit in my box of trinkets.One year I made something like 200 brass pendants myself, very finely engraved so that you could read the buy canada goose jacket street names with a hand lens at least uk canada goose outlet for the ones where the engraving tip was fresh. I probably have 100 of them still kicking around in my shop and in every box of camping buy canada goose jacket cheap gear.Etched stainless steel collapsible cups went over really well, but I got sick of masking and sandblasting. My favorite gifts to give have been my LED hula hoops only one or two a year and they only appeal to a small subset of the population, but I rather really make one person burn than have a hundred people throw a trinket in a drawer and never look at it again.But. once you get there you end up just finding stuff. Making a schedule is fairly pointless. Things often get moved, cancelled, or their descriptions are misleading. Most of the time you find something better onroute and end up doing that instead. Most of the best stuff just happens and isn listed. Anything in the book will be crowded.I browsed the listing but I didn write down a single event this Canada Goose sale year. I didn even crack the book last year and I still found endless things to do. I know better than to think a single plan I make is going to Canada Goose Coats On Sale stick.

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