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The Royal Crescent Hotel Spa is a five star haven of elegance and tranquility, located steps away from the center of the quintessentially British city of Bath, England. The hotel offers more than 250 years of history, combined with modern luxury, and is at the heart of the iconic Royal Crescent landmark building, an outstanding achievement of 18th century Georgian architecture. Comprising of 45 individually designed suites and bedrooms, all offering ambient relaxed luxury, the canada goose outlet hong kong hotel embodies modern elegance and prides itself on impeccable service along with its diverse offerings of canada goose jacket outlet store The Garden Villa; the 2016 fully renovated Spa Bath House with Spa Garden; an acre of glorious, landscaped gardens along with a secluded Wedding Garden; The Dower House Restaurant, The Montagu Bar Champagne Lounge and exquisite al fresco dining options, all combining to provide the ultimate 21stcentury retreat..

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