Zoolander is brainwashed by fashion mogul Jacobim Mugatu (Will

6 Movies That Didn’t Realize the Villain Really Won

Not every movie can end with the main villain being punched, electrocuted, smashed by a fire truck and dropped on a conveyor belt, like in Con Air. (Unfortunately.) We understand that.

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canadian goose jacket Our point is that we can’t get complacent. And, since we got the feeling that you were just about to, we decided it was time to remind you of the terrible price of complacency with this Cracked Classic, which shows just how easy it is to let evil win. In movies. Cracked canadian goose jacket

uk canada goose outlet But, after pancaking dozens of cities, a rag tag group of humans cause each and every goose outlet canada one of the alien ships to crash, the thousands of people who were no doubt crushed under each one a small price to pay for victory. uk canada goose outlet

Let’s be generous and assume that every one of the alien city destroying mother ships was downed. Do you have canada goose outlet any idea how large a 15 mile wide spaceship canada goose outlet canada is? Each one is like a flying city, 1,000 canada goose outlet stories high and about canada goose outlet reviews 100 blocks wide in every direction. And while New York may not have been designed to have giant spaceships fall on it, we have to imagine the space crafts had been designed with a contingency plan for gravity.

canada goose coats We’re not sure how many canada goose outlet jackets troops and crew were on board each, but we know each one housed an entire air force worth of those little fighter craft. canada goose coats

Speaking of which, any aliens who happen to be sitting in one of those crafts is probably going to make it. We saw earlier that an alien shot out of the sky was able to survive. And by survive we mean it hot wired a human brain canada goose outlet nyc and had a conversation with the fucking President after going through a crash landing, a cold cock delivered by none other than Will canada goose outlet online Smith, and being cut in half on an operating table.

canada goose coats on sale “Wow, he went down really easy. It’s almost like he wants me to take his unconscious body to my leader.” canada goose coats on sale

Let’s disregard for a moment all of the numerous problems official canada goose outlet we have with the “happy” ending of Back to canada goose outlet store the Future. Let’s grant the filmmakers that everything wrapped itself up perfectly; Marty is happy, parents are happy, Biff is their slave.

All he wants is a case of Schlitz and time to forget.

Canada Goose online It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the Biff Tannens and time paradoxes as the main obstacles to be canada goose outlet parka overcome that we forget the guys who should have kept Marty McFly up late at night. Canada Goose online

buy canada goose jacket cheap The Libyan terrorists Doc Brown ripped the plutonium from. You know, the armed, pissed off terrorists driving freely through Hill Valley, who wanted Doc Brown to build a nuclear bomb for them. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose uk black friday Nothing happens. Seriously, there are no terrorists flying through windshields; no RPGs going off; no big cathartic explosion to justify the use of the word “bomb” in the movie. canada goose outlet in usa All we see is the van kind of tip over, but sustain the abuse like any good, German made car was built to. But when Marty returns from the past to check on Doc, they have an emotional reunion that completely ignores the fact that there is a dented van full of terrorists right over there. canada goose uk black friday

If it can survive hippies, it can survive canada goose outlet sale anything.

Hell, even if the van burst into flames and vaporized the gunmen, there’s no way those few guys represented the entirety of their terror cell. You know, the stuff that no terrorists and only a few militaries have ever been able to http://www.canadagoosejacketoutlett.com get their hands on. towns were to terrorism during the Reagan years.

And how vulnerable the terrorists were to crimes of Chronomancy.

canada goose uk outlet This part of the story is a girl power picture which focuses on a white 1970 Dodge Challenger that our heroines hope to borrow for a dangerous game called “Ship’s Mast.” canada goose uk outlet

canada goose black friday sale They borrow the car from a scary looking dude, and eventually use that car to get their revenge on Stuntman. canada goose black friday sale

buy canada goose jacket Mike is just one of two. That white 1970 Dodge Challenger our canada goose outlet shop heroines have their sights on is being offered for sale by a hardcore Tennessee “son of the soil” named Jasper. Bear in mind that Jasper is played by Jonathan Loughran, who you may remember as the trucker who tried to rape Uma Therman in Kill Bill, Vol 1. He’s basically the same character here, right down to his trademark pre rape “heh heh.” buy canada goose jacket

After narrowly avoiding death in a freak gasoline fight accident, male model Derek Zoolander finds himself in the middle of the single largest international canada goose outlet new york city conspiracy in history: the fashion industry. It is revealed that male models are genetically perfected to serve as human weapons, meaning they’re basically like Jason Bourne with an eating disorder. Zoolander is brainwashed by fashion mogul Jacobim Mugatu (Will Ferrell) to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia at an upcoming fashion show.

But Jacobim Mugatu, according to David Duchovny’s character, is “just a punk ass errand boy working for an international syndicate canada goose outlet black friday of canada goose outlet store uk fashion designers.”

Canada Goose Parka It turns out the fashion industry has been behind every major political assassination in history, from the Tory Conspiracy to Mother Teresa of Calcutta. When peace mongers like Abe Lincoln and JFK threatened the industry’s enormous canada goose factory outlet supply of cheap, third world labor, they hired eligible bachelors like John Wilkes Booth to take them down. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose store The Prime Minister of Malaysia? Just another thorn in the side of this super secret global fashion industry canada goose outlet toronto factory conspiracy of evilness. So while Mugatu and his deadly shuriken are stopped by this face: canada goose store

Canada Goose Coats On Sale George’s primary antagonist is the evil Mr. Henry F. Potter, who knowingly takes Uncle Billy’s “missing” $8,000 and keeps it to himself, despite owning doorknobs that cost more money. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Of course this is when George has either a religious experience or an acid flashback, which results in him running back to his family and being saved by his friends. Everyone canada goose outlet uk he knows breaks canada goose black friday sale their wallets to help him out, and then that super rich friend he never mentioned to anyone sends him a money order for $25,000.

canada goose factory sale All is well for George and his family. Except for one small detail. canada goose factory sale

cheap canada goose uk From as far back as From Russia, With Love we see that SPECTRE functions on a strict, number based system. It’s a simple formula: if Number X dies, Number X 1 takes his or her place. How often does this happen? Every damn movie. If anything, Blofeld’s death meant that every single member of SPECTRE just got a promotion. cheap canada goose uk

Not to mention that Blofeld was pretty shitty at his job, since every encounter he ever had with Bond probably ended with SPECTRE suffering quarterly losses. With Blofeld dead, SPECTRE might actually get a leader who could cause MI6 some real headaches. You know, maybe someone with a business degree.