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Canada Goose online canada goose outlet toronto factory This isn’t the first time when RBI has questioned canada goose jacket outlet the operations of a digital payments bank. In March, the central bank slapped a penalty of Rs. 5 crores on Airtel Payments Bank for violating KYC checks. Facebook twitter google emailHow did car companies get their logos? We reveal all on eight of today’s leading brands We’re all very familiar with car manufacturers’ badges. We see them every day on our roads and in our driveways, each trying to carve out a brand identity that will leave a lasting imprint on potential customers.But while the car badges have become more refined and modernised over time, they remain steeped in history. So what are the stories behind the badges why does Audi have four entwined rings, Peugeot a lion and Vauxhall a griffin? We delved into the past to find out.Porsche badge Image 2 of 9The Porsche badge was first conceived in 1952, before appearing on the 356 in 1954 Canada Goose online.