A human being setting foot on the moon for the first time is

To deny it was an American achievement is just splitting hairs. A human being setting foot on the moon for the first time is absolutely the most iconic piece of footage and is universal to humanity.Just too bad Armstrong flubbed his line, but hey, to err is human!Edit: okay y Regarding the “a man”. I never looked into it in depth, but started doing a little googling on it.There is some debate as to whether the line was flubbed or not, with a lot of people trying different approaches to convince people that Neil actually said it.NASAs official statement was that it was static, despite the fact that there sounds to many people like there is no time for between and people have analyzed the audio and come up with different conclusions, but the most back breaking one I heard was that because of specifically where he is from his dialect meant that “for a” was pronounced as one word.

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