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Only as the villagers stumble

Only as the villagers stumble, one cryptic clue at a time, towards the truth do the undead reveal something of themselves, and then only in fleeting and incomplete flashes. It’s an old tactic (think of it as the narrative equivalent of Ridley Scott’s fractured shooting of the Alien) but an effective one.As you’d expect of a series intent on evoking hidden horrors and ratcheting up incremental suspense, Shiki is heavily atmosphere focused. It moves in a haze of curdled bucolic peace, never hurrying and rarely breaching the unnatural stillness that envelops the doomed village.

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When the flow is disrupted or disturbed, health cannot be achieved. When discordant or disharmonious energy fields are imposed upon us, the flow of life energy is impeded and the preconditions are set for disease. The purpose of releasing the flow of life energy is to permit the normal state of radiant health and wholeness to unfold.Total health is a state of progressive organic development from the moment of conception to the moment of transcendence.

MOMENTUM TURNER: The 49ers got off to a good start when they forced a three and out on the opening possession. But Trent Taylor fumbled the punt return, setting up Dallas at the 20. Elliott ran three straight times and scored his first TD of the game from 1 yard out..

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