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“But compliance (the compliance office at LRU) should be there to help us.”Scheide said the basketball staff submitted paperwork seeking approval of a two day official recruiting visit (for April 13 14) to LRU compliance coordinator Brent Heaberlin on Monday, April 6.After their departure, the compliance department issued a notice to the basketball staff via email and hard copy, McGeachy said, declining the visit.With Lentz and Scheide away from campus, the notices weren’t received until they returned to campus Monday, April 13. By then, Scheide said, the recruits in question had already been picked up and brought to campus by Worley.Worley did not return a call requesting comment.Scheide said he doesn’t carry a laptop with him when he goes recruiting, and said McGeachy and Heaberlin who was not immediately available for comment didn’t try hard enough to alert the staff about the problem regarding the visit.”For us, there’s so many rules in that rulebook, you can’t keep up with every date, and it was just an oversight,” Scheide said. “Compliance, my thought is, should be there to protect you from making those mistakes.”I never have been told I needed to check my emails on the road.

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An open house celebration of Richard’s Life will be held in the Community Hall of the Pyramid Recreation Centre, 317 James St. S., St. Memorial donations may be made to Canadian Mental Health Association. The evening remains family focused and will feature a game like atmosphere with use of the video boards, gameday music and a fireworks show at the end of the night. Family Night is a part of the Back to Football campaign, presented by Bellin Health. Other components of the campaign include Packers training camp and Packers preseason games.

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There are many ways that MVP can help non profit organizations reach student volunteers. We can post volunteer opportunities in the weekly newsletter that we email to members and volunteers, invite a speaker from your organization to speak at a general MVP meeting which is held monthly, or provide volunteers for one time events by posting the event on our website and actively recruiting volunteers. MVP also hosts a bi annual volunteer fair which gives organizations the opportunity to reach students looking for volunteer opportunities.